Digital tools as a lever for attractiveness in industry

Among the main strategic challenges of the industry for 2023, recruitment stands out as a central element, as explained by Olivier Durteste, Director General of UIMM Udimetal. 67% of company managers in the manufacturing industry declare that they are having difficulty recruiting, i.e. 2 out of 3 companies.What if, in addition to supporting companies’ productivity, […]

What are the challenges for the industry in 2023?

Product/process competitiveness, profitability and skills: the 2023 challenges for industry as seen by Olivier Durteste While the industrial sector is going through a very particular period between doubts in the face of all the current uncertainties and hopes for a successful transition thanks to innovations and political will, DiagRAMS went to meet Olivier Durteste, Managing Director […]

2022, the predictability advantage in the face of uncertainty

2022 was a challenging year for the industry   Between a fragile recovery from the pandemic, the challenges of reindustrialisation and decarbonisation, and soaring energy prices, the year left little respite for the industrial market. Paradoxically, it has also given a chance to digital transformation solutions to reduce uncertainty and gain competitiveness. As such, we […]

Artificial Intelligence as a tool for industrial energy efficiency

At a time when the French economy is being called upon to be energy sober, it is imperative for the industrial sector to improve its energy performance and meet environmental challenges.How can this be done? Better energy management, equipment monitoring… What if data analysis could help achieve these energy efficiency goals? ENERGY EFFICIENCY AS A COMPETITIVENESS […]

Data strategy and 4.0 roadmap: Interview with Eva ROTHER, Managing Director of FPT Industrial France

How can you turn your data into a performance and efficiency lever? How can you transform it into a decision-making tool, gain flexibility and add value to your business? How to develop your data strategy to move into the 4.0 era and optimise your ROI?Meeting with Eva Rother, Managing Director of FPT Industrial France and […]

DiagRAMS Technologies celebrates its 3rd anniversary

How far we have come!DiagRAMS is the story of 3 enthusiasts who combine their skills around a major industrial issue: improve industrial performance by analysing under-utilised data.A huge amount of production-related data is contained in every piece of industrial equipment. But you have to know how to use them… What if software could automatically analyse this complex […]

Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity: ensuring the reliability of industrial systems

Last month, the International Cybersecurity Forum (ICF) was held. Our team attended this leading ecosystem event to keep abreast of the latest developments in digital security and trust. Let’s talk about cybersecurity on this occasion. As we know, the interconnection of machines is an essential component of Industry 4.0. But be careful not to neglect […]

DiagRAMS Technologies sets course for the German market and presents its solution at Hannover Messe 2022

DiagRAMS Technologies, a company specialising in software to optimise industrial and environmental performance, will present its predictive maintenance solution to the German market at Hannover Messe, industry 4.0 technology trade fair from 30 May to 02 June. In partnership with Business France, lthe Lille-based start-up will be exhibiting in the French Fab pavilion, a showcase of […]

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