DiagRAMS Technologies supports you in the implementation of your predictive maintenance strategy.

Leveraging existing data

Start your predictive maintenance project by reducing set-up costs.

All equipment has native process sensors that provide central information about its operation, so why add sensors?

Monitoring all equipment

Monitoring the operation of your entire fleet of machines.

Our solution makes it possible to analyze all types of data, in various formats, on equipment of different types and brands.

Accessing the power of AI

Our technology is the result of several years of R&D.

Our predictive maintenance solution is a turnkey tool for field experts. You don’t have an in-house data scientist? No need, we calibrate the solution to your needs.

Key benefits for industrials

Increase equipments availability

Does your saturated equipment require too many emergency interventions? Do your unscheduled downtimes and critical breakdowns (too frequent) result in too much / long intervention / repair time?

Boost the performance processes

Is your production process complex, with a large variety of raw materials and products? Is your environment unstable? Do you want to optimize your OEE?

Reduce maintenance costs

Are you replacing parts that are still in good condition because their theoretical lifetime does not match their actual wear? Systematic replacement of spare parts does not prevent critical breakdowns and emergency orders?

Improve products quality

Is your scrap rate too high? Are your quality controls out of sync with production?

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