Compressed air optimisation at Schneider Electric

30 November 2023
A look back at a project to improve the energy efficiency of our customer Schneider Electric production site at Le Vaudreuil in partnership with Emerson. The aim is to optimise the use of compressed air on contactor assembly lines.

The teams on the ground have their say. Find out more about Christophe ERNIS - Smart Operation Manager SE Le Vaudreuil, Pascal PICARD - Tesys D sector setter, Stéphane GUYON - Discrete Automation Emerson and Jean-François BOUIN - Co-founder DiagRAMS Technologies.

Christopher ERNIS - Schneider Electric is a reference to accelerate the energy transition and Le Vaudreuil contactor's production site in Normandy has been working on a specific project to boost energy efficiency. Our objective is to optimize compressed air usage on our assembly lines. 3 complementary know-how were mandatory to achieve such an ambition. Schneider Electric contributing thanks to its automation expertise.


Stéphane GUYON - Emerson could bring its fluid control and pneumatic expertise. We connected to the automation Le Vaudreuil team and adapted our compressed air management solution and answer to the specific Schneider Electric Use Case. The automatic and autonomous stand-by box reduces compressed air consumption during machine stops with the use core elements: a flow sensor and a proportional valve.


Jean-François BOUIN - DiagRAMS Technologies is specialized  in data science for optimizing environmental and industrial performances. On this project, we first set the collection of process and air consumption data  from Aveva software. Then our data scientists worked on optimizing air consumption by sequentially recommending the settings to reduce consumption without impacting the Manufacturing performance. And now we have monitoring solution based on AI alogorithms able to continously detect air leaks and alert people.


Pascal PICARD - Thanks to AI, I am now alerted as soon as there is a problem and an air leak on the machine. I can view alerts on my tablet. To work with datas is for me a new experience. Main benefit is to reduce air consumption without impacting machine performances. It's a first experience to connect Schneider Electric production workers directly with data scientists. And the truth is that I really appreciate to work with different teams connecting easily with tablets for remote meetings.


Christopher ERNIS - From this collaboration we got an autonomous and non invasive compressed air management system on manufacturing lines, decreasing energy consumption by 20%. We are proud of this collaboration and the achieved results!


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