Industry and sovereignty: discover the Institut Choiseul's Position Paper

26 October 2023

How can sovereignty be renewed in a context of globalisation?

Between the challenges of reindustrialisation, cyber security, energy and identity... Read the summary from the Choiseul Institute, which this month unveils its position paper on fifty proposals for renewed sovereignty.

This analysis is the work of the Sovereignty Initiative, which since January 2022 has brought together 1,500 public and private decision-makers from all sectors. DiagRAMS is involved in this work, which is the driving force behind our team on a daily basis.

Industry & Sovereignty, a focus on the key issues facing our sector.


Cybersecurity, a prerequisite for economic sovereignty 

  • Using public and private procurement as a lever to strengthen Europe's cyber offering and technological independence
  • Strengthen capabilities by revising the European regulatory framework
  • Democratising useful skills and rethinking the career paths of tomorrow's cybersecurity talent
  • Develop an industrial and competitive vision of cybersecurity, supported by funding mechanisms for players that meet the challenges at hand
  • Consolidate a high-level, made-in-Europe cyber offering, a genuine alternative to foreign solutions and a long-term competitive advantage
  • Adopting new standards and practices for greater efficiency and confidence


Ways to reindustrialise France

  • Adopting a tax system adapted to European and global competition
  • Re-industrialising while ensuring a balance between regions
  • Modernising production facilities
  • Increasing the power of training
  • Sovereign logistics, the cornerstone of successful reindustrialisation
  • Making R&D the driving force behind reindustrialisation


Digital infrastructures, a cornerstone of strategic autonomy that France and Europe need to consolidate

  • Using public procurement as a springboard for sovereign digital technology
  • Encouraging the development of a risk culture
  • Positioning ourselves for the future


Energy sovereignty: Reducing our dependence through a successful transition

  • Encouraging the development of alternatives to hydrocarbons
  • Building a European framework that does not conflict with France's strengths
  • Draw up a 30-year plan to regain France's energy sovereignty

Discover the complete Institut Choiseul Position Paper

About the Sovereignty Initiative

The Sovereignty Initiative is the Institut Choiseul's platform dedicated to the issues of sovereignty and resilience, with the aim of identifying and promoting pragmatic and concrete measures to strengthen the strategic autonomy of France and Europe. Through regular meetings with leading economic players, all French and European, and recognised experts, Choiseul aims to take part in the debate on the need for national and European sovereignty in areas as varied as defence, industry, agri-food and transport.

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