DiagRAMS raises €1.2 million to accelerate the development of its predictive maintenance solution for industry

31 August 2023

DiagRAMS Technologies, which specialises in optimising industrial performance using Artificial Intelligence, has completed its second round of financing, raising €1.2 million. This financing round was marked by the acquisition of a stake in the company by Groupe Ponticelli Frères.



Since its creation in 2019 by Margot Corréard and Jean-François Bouin, later joined by Quentin Grimonprez, DiagRAMS’ mission has been to improve industrial and environmental performance by analysing under-exploited data in factories.

DiagRAMS Technologies is an expert in industrial data analysis and publishes predictive maintenance software that enables continuous monitoring of equipment health.

Its strength? To enable manufacturers in all sectors to exploit and add value to the data already present in the plant without adding new sensors dedicated to maintenance.

The result of several years of R&D at Inria, the French national digital science research institute, its solution offers a technological breakthrough in industrial data science to meet the challenges of detection, diagnosis and prediction. DiagRAMS was born out of a meeting between the worlds of research and industrial engineering, and puts its dual expertise in industry and AI to work for its customers.



By providing the right information at the right time, DiagRAMS enables its customers to anticipate failures, increase the availability of their production facilities, optimise their performance and improve their energy efficiency.

A solution that offers a starting point for energy efficiency. How does it work? Thanks to this innovation, it is now possible to analyse production and maintenance data to ensure that equipment is operating optimally, eliminating any risk of wasting energy and raw materials by using incorrectly adjusted or faulty equipment.



In addition to its historical investors IRD Nord Création, Finorpa et Nord France Amorçage, DiagRAMS Technologies Dbenefits from the Groupe Ponticelli Frères acquisition of a stake in the company, and raises a second round of financing worth €1.2 million to accelerate its commercial development, particularly internationally.



“We are convinced that AI is having a growing impact on industry and is an obvious area of application for the maintenance and sustainability of installations. We have therefore joined forces with DiagRAMS, an expert in industrial AI, to offer innovative services to our customers, who are increasingly concerned about their costs and performance.” explains Christian Ponticelli, Chief Operating Officer of the Ponticelli Groupe


“Today, maintenance plays a central role in the industrial and environmental performance of industries, which is why we are delighted to welcome maintenance specialists to our capital. Our complementary strengths will enable us to accelerate the development of DiagRAMS and serve our mission.” says Jean-François Bouin, Co-founder of DiagRAMS Technologies


“We share the same values, so it’s only natural that synergies should be created, and we’re delighted with the dynamism generated by this partnership.“ adds Margot Corréard, Co-founder of DiagRAMS Technologies


This fund-raising is proving to be a real springboard, enabling the company to move into a new phase of its growth.

The next step for DiagRAMS Technologies is to strengthen its teams in order to deploy its solution on a wider scale. Its ambition is to become a leader in the field of industrial performance.

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