Meeting with Ponticelli, a new shareholder in DiagRAMS

12 September 2023

A week ago, we announced our second round of funding to accelerate the development of our predictive maintenance solution. In addition to the contribution of our historical investors IRD Nord Création, Finorpa and Nord France Amorçage, this round of financing was marked by the arrival of the  Ponticelli Frères group as a new shareholder.

But what is the Ponticelli Group? Find out in an interview with Christian Ponticelli, Managing Director of the Ponticelli Group.


What is the Ponticelli Group?

Christian Ponticelli –The Ponticelli Group is a century-old family business providing services to process industries in the energy (oil and gas, nuclear, renewable energies, etc.), petrochemicals and chemicals, life sciences (pharmaceuticals, agri-food, water, etc.) and defence sectors.


Why did you choose to invest in DiagRAMS?

C.P – We first met DiagRAMS for technical reasons, and that’s when we checked that our cultures were compatible. Following the success of our first joint projects, we naturally decided to work together to offer innovative services to our customers.


How does this fit in with Ponticelli’s strategy and values?

C.P – A large part of our business is maintenance, and we have a duty to be a source of ideas for our customers, who are becoming increasingly cost-conscious. We are convinced of the growing importance of AI in industry. For us, this is an obvious area of application for the maintenance and durability of installations. What’s more, we share a service philosophy that seems to be in the genes of DiagRAMS.


And how is DiagRAMS a strategic partnership?

Jean-François BOUIN – Today, maintenance plays a central role in the industrial and environmental performance of industries, which is why we are delighted to welcome maintenance specialists to our capital. Our complementary strengths will enable us to accelerate the development of DiagRAMS and serve our mission.

Margot CORRÉARD – We share common values, which has helped to create synergies, and we are delighted with the dynamism generated by this partnership.


We are delighted to welcome the Ponticelli Frères Group to our capital. We are delighted with this new milestone in the DiagRAMS adventure.


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