Meeting with Florent Dewez, our industrial data science expert

19 September 2022

Can you tell us about your job?

F.D – As a Senior Data Scientist, my role is to develop data methods to address client issues. I intervene from the understanding of the need to the setting up of the methodologies, which will then be implemented in our application by the developers.

My job is not only to test classic analysis methods but also to develop new approaches and to be a force of proposal to support Quentin GRIMONPREZ, our Head of data science, in order to continually improve the reliability and accuracy of our tools.




Before joining us, was there a project you worked on that particularly marked you?

F.D – I worked for two and a half years at Inria on a project funded by a European research programme to optimise aircraft trajectories. The objective: to develop a method for defining the best trajectory from a fuel economy point of view.

I have been thinking about data science methods in order to couple them with optimisation methods for an industrial application.

This is a challenge because theoretical methods are often very efficient but do not take into account the constraints linked to the calculation time, which is however essential from an application point of view. The aim was therefore to develop a solution that was both accurate and fast for practical use.




Why did you choose to join DiagRAMS Technologies?

F.D – I was working at Inria in the MODAL team, whose researchers are members of the DiagRAMS scientific board, which allowed me to hear about this rapidly developing start-up. I immediately liked the idea of being part of a team that knows the research environment and understands my profile.

It’s rewarding to join a company on a human scale, at the beginning of the adventure, to be able to contribute to its development and to see the concrete results of the projects you work on.

And of course, the environmental aspect of the solution helped tip the balance.




What are your favourite challenges in your job?

F.D – What I like most is meeting industry, understanding their problems and finding solutions by working as a team.

I love helping a client to model their problems mathematically and then develop a rigorous approach to provide them with more understanding and answers thanks to their data and our tools (AI, statistics, etc.). This is all the more true when an innovative solution is to be developed!




The bonus question: tell us about a book you couldn’t live without?

F.D – To relax, “The Lord of the Rings”. I’m a big fan of the writing and the universe. At home I have all three books and no one is allowed to touch them!

Otherwise, “The Art of Happiness” written by the Dalai Lama, which helps us to go to the essential in our ways and to discover the obvious. It is really the book that helped me to grow personally and to approach life more serenely.


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