Welcome to Hugo, our expert business manager in the automotive industry

13 April 2023

Can you tell us about your job?

Hugo Nini – As a business manager, my role is to ensure that our clients’ projects run smoothly from a technical, commercial and financial perspective.

On a daily basis, I analyse their technical problems, I study the feasibility, deadlines and investments for implementing their project in order to propose solutions adapted to their needs (forecast maintenance, quality, energy consumption).

I am the interface between our internal teams (data scientists and developers) and our industrial customers in order to facilitate the implementation of our solution and the optimisation of their ROI.


Before joining us you worked in the automotive industry, is there a project that particularly marked you?

H.N – I was responsible for a production workshop where I managed 35 people (operators, team leaders, line managers, maintenance technicians, etc.). It was a very interesting job because the automotive industry is a sector focused on continuous improvement.

In my first workshop, everything had to be done: understand how the lines work, create indicators, target technical and organisational losses, carry out corrective actions…

For me, it was the most interesting project I have ever been involved in, particularly because of the richness of the management, as I was working with people from all over, but also because of the success of the project. Using the methodology implemented, we proposed a new organisation and technical interventions that allowed the performance indicators of the production lines to rise from 60% to 80%.


Why did you choose to join DiagRAMS Technologies?

H.N – I am passionate about new technologies and we are now in the 4.0 era, for me the DiagRAMS solution makes sense with the evolution of the sector.

As we know, industry is an expensive sector, both in terms of process and environmental impact. On a human level, these are jobs that can be hard on people in the field and there are now ways to improve their working conditions.

I wanted to join DiagRAMS Technologies for the innovation of the solution and its impact on environmental and human issues.


What are your favourite challenges in your job?

H.N – Working for industrial sectors that I have not yet been able to discover. But what I like most is to carry out projects that create added value for a company and especially its employees.


The bonus question: can you reveal something about yourself that is not in your CV?

H.N – I was regional judo champion (at that 🤏 to rub shoulders with the greatest).


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