2022, the predictability advantage in the face of uncertainty

20 December 2022

2022 was a challenging year for the industry

portrait Jean-François BOUIN


Between a fragile recovery from the pandemic, the challenges of reindustrialisation and decarbonisation, and soaring energy prices, the year left little respite for the industrial market.

Paradoxically, it has also given a chance to digital transformation solutions to reduce uncertainty and gain competitiveness.

As such, we are delighted to see a growing awareness of the value of data on a daily basis. Manufacturers have understood that taking advantage of their data is a lever for dealing with these new issues of performance and energy consumption. Once the tests and the Pocs are over, the desire is now to seek scalable solutions to be deployed on a large scale.

For DiagRAMS Technologies, this is an opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of its solution. Predictability in the face of uncertainty. Sobriety in the face of soaring material and energy prices. Essential agility at a time of sudden change.

At least, that’s what we were able to verify during the numerous exchanges we were able to have after these two years at a distance. What a pleasure to have been able to multiply the number of trade fairs in France, Germany and the United States, and the on-site visits to meet the daily life of our customers, partners and prospects.

The result: contracts signed with leading industrialists, a team more than ever united around our mission: helping our customers to produce better. Finally, the continued development of our tool, which provides competitiveness, confidence, security and long-term visibility to our partners. These are important assets in these uncertain times.

We will continue to build on this success in 2023 by pursuing our technological and commercial development, particularly internationally. As you can see, there is good news to come for next year.We also hope that it lives up to your expectations!


Jean-François BOUIN

Co-founder & Chairman

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